Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Shopping day!

Okay so this morning I had a PTO meeting (I am our school's Yearbook Chairperson :) had to drop by the bank to sign some papers and then I had a little bit of free time on my hands. Fortunately (or unfortunately ;) I live directly across the street from TJ Maxx and ours carries top designers (Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Emma Fox, Love Moschino, Seven, etc) . I thought I would stop in and see what they had today and maybe I could spot me that elusive gold watch I have been looking for. I can't seem to find just the right one for me!

Well, what I found was ALOT, but it didn't include the gold watch :/  I took pictures of what I tried out today below. I ended up putting some back for the sake of my wallet, but it was a really good day in the dressing room. Most of the time I am the girl who goes in with 10 items and rarely wants to leave with more than a I had to decide which 6 I liked the best!  Woohoo :)  Take a look below. Maybe you will see something you sparks your interest and you'll be on the hunt. I do love a good hunt!

Dress (Above): Love Moschino (find here - also comes in beige and red!) - I did end up purchasing this one. This was on the clearance rack for $79! It was the last one and a size 4 (size smaller than I would typically go for, but it fit well - only slightly tight in the bust - I couldn't pass it up for the $$ :)
PERFECT type of dress to go through ALL four it paired with boots and a cardi or blazer with or without tights and equally cute with bare arms/legs and sandals. Lots of great possibilities
Moschino original price = $325!

 Dress (above): Tory Burch "Tanyei" (find it here and here ) - I love a good shirt dress, but have not seen a good one that I wanted to purchase in a while. Imagine my elation when I run across this "one and only" Tory Burch black shirt dress hanging in the store! Seriously, I hit the jackpot on this one. Of course, I checked out with this one today :)
I know you can't tell from the pics in the dirty mirror in the dark dressing room (ugghh), but this is a super soft, sleek perfect weight material with just a touch of spandex. The sleeves are also rolled up to 3/4 sleeves, but they can be let down for a full sleeve if you prefer.   I love it with the boots and bare legs and I am anxious to try it with tights and booties, too :)
The Navy one that I linked for you above from Cusp is a STEAL just in case you are interested in this dress. Tory Burch tag on this dress is $395!

Both of the above dresses were Calvin Kline.  I actually liked them both, but didn't love them, ya know? The grey one I was leaning toward more because I could see it with tights and a blazer for work. The stripe one was really cute with the little white belt at the waist, but the stripes made me feel like a prisoner. I could picture it with some cute pumps and a light weight cardigan for work, though. Sigh.....what is a girl to do?!  LOL ;)
Skirt (above): Michael Kors (similar here) Sweater (above): Fenn Wright Manson (similar here)
I did end up with the sweater, but not the skirt.  The skirt was really comfy and now looking at it in the pictures I may go back and get it.  I didn't think I would wear it enough, but I am thinking that isn't true now! There is always one that gets away...... ;)

Sweater (above): Berretti (similar here) - I did go home with this one. I loved the over sized comfiness of this sweater and the color/design and fringe are great (you can't really tell the color, but it isn't just black and grey it also has a smokey blue,charcoal, tan and taupe in there.  I am looking forward to this one with skinnies and my Uggs :) 

                                          Cardigan Sweater: (above) oneA (similar here)
~Tank, leggings and scarf all mine~
I did buy this sweater, as well. Super light weight and love the open weave.  Slightly longer in the back makes it great with leggings.
Sweater (above): Elisabetta Collection (similar here)
~Again tank, leggings and boots were what I walked into the store in~
I also took this sweater home....I guess this was a sweater buying day!  This one I loved (not with this tank) for jeans with a fun top underneath.  It is a rich walnut color (I know you can't tell from the photo) and I dont' have any other sweater in that color so I really like that.  The collar is also really fun the with asymmetric button closure.
Okay so that was fun!  I hope you enjoyed and maybe even got a few good ideas of your own. 



  1. Oh, really happy shopping day, I love that second dress, really beautiful.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

    1. Absolutely, Tereza and thank you for the comment!
      Jessy :)


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