Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Works! Body Wraps

I thought this post would be pretty timely considering I just had a weekend long food binge as I imagine most of you did ;)

I love Thanksgiving and I LOVED heading down to sunny Florida to spend time with my precious family - it was very hard to leave! What I don't love is the extra pounds and inches that come from a 10 day long vacation with no exercise, on the road eating and topping it off with a weekend long feast of every delicious dish you could possibly be thankful for :)

I always end my Thanksgiving holiday feeling bloated and yuk....I know, after 30+ years you would think I would have learned, but nope. I just do the same thing every single year. The difference with this year is that I have discovered It Works!
Namely I have discovered the It Works body applicator wraps.  I had heard a little about them, but kind of waved it off as a gimmick. I was invited to an It Works party by a girlfriend a couple of months ago and I decided to try a wrap at the party.  I instantly lost an inch+ on my waist after being "wrapped", but what was most impressive to me was how much better I felt almost instantly and then the next morning everything in my mid section was tighter (and I had lost another full inch - no kidding!). Yes, I know what you may be thinking - you lost water weight. No doubt, I did, but that wasn't all that I lost and the inches stayed off for several weeks and I was doing very good until vacation food started! I hadn't done another wrap or been watching what I was putting in my mouth so all the junk landed right back in that area again. 

Let me qualify this by saying that I in no way believe this is a way to lose weight or to compensate for a good diet and exercise, but I do know that it will help to rid your body of toxins, extra water weight and make things "tighter". In my case, I have used the wraps to "tighten" an area quickly for an event, detox and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  The wraps really are a great way to "jump start" a weight loss plan (which I am working on...I am several pounds heavier than I have been in years and I really need to get back to where I feel best - ugghhh!!).

It Works doesn't just have wraps, but they have a full line of all natural products ranging from face wash and lotions to vitamins and protein powders.  I have tried many of the products and one of my favorites is their product called "Greens". It is a antioxidant rich powder made from powdered greens and super fruits. It is made to be mixed into water and makes a fresh citrus tasting drink - but it looks very green! Personally I prefer it mixed into grape juice (can't taste it in the grape juice) - see picture. 

The Greens will give you the nutrients that most of us are deficient in because of our diets which almost never include the proper amount of fruits and vegetables (do you know how much veggies you have to eat to get all the nutrients your body really needs?!). I am not sure how this works, but when you drink this you will feel full and really not want to snack.  It is a great supplement in my opinion.

Hopefully you can find a way to try these products out by checking with a distributor in our area.  If you are in the Cincinnati, OH area you can get info about the products and attend a "Wrap Party" by contacting Tina Wene @ Ultimate Self Image.

Let me know if you have already tried any of these products, have suggestions or try them after reading this and want to let me know how it worked for you.
Happy Sunday!

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