Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday Date Night + Adoption Journey = STUCK

Last night my husband and I attended a screening of the documentary "STUCK" at the Kenwood Theater in Cincinnati.  What an amazing experience!  First we had a nice quiet dinner at one of our favorite Jeff Ruby Steakhouses, Carlos & Johnny, before heading to the 7:00pm showing. It was a completely sold out event and we sat in the packed out stadium style theater with about 250 other people who were not sure what to expect from the provocative film about international adoption.

My Sunday "date night" outfit:
Hudson Jeans / Steve Madden bag / Zinga blazer (old) / Nine West zebra print pumps (old) / Black sleeveless button-up via TJ Maxx / Stella & Dot Renegade Necklace and bracelet, Rebel Pendant, Luna Wrap Bracelet & Soiree Stud Earrings
(look at the incredible weeping cherry tree - I wish that you could see the entire thing. It is the most beautiful and full of blooms tree that I have ever seen! :)

On the the important stuff!!
What we got with this compelling film was an incredible look into the plight of orphans around the world and families that are fighting to bring many of them home. This is something so near and dear to my heart as an advocate for families, women and unborn children in my career and also as an adoptive mother myself and one who is now on the waiting list for a child from China. 

While my family is not "stuck" in our adoption process at this time (we are waiting to be matched with a child) we are well over 2 years into the process and understand the incredible obstacles a family or individual must contend with in order to provide a loving home for a child who is without one. It can be maddening sometimes as you write check after check for each step of the way and fill out stacks of paperwork, undergo a litany of back ground checks, mental and physical health checks, financial screening and numerous other "hoops" before you can even be "approved" to adopt a child internationally - all of this while currently mom and dad to 4 healthy happy children in your home already!! "Crazy" is really not the correct word for how sad this system is and how unfair it is to the millions of children who are orphans and want nothing more than a family - a family who is probably wanting them just as badly but either can't or is trying to navigate through all of these obstacles to bring them home :(

I guess I will stop my rant and just conclude by saying that the organization who produced this film,  Both Ends Burning, is doing remarkable work to get the policies and laws changed that has caused international adoption in this country to decrease by 50% in the last five years - 50%! That means that the approximately 10 million orphans in this world have a very slim chance of ever having a family if something doesn't change - something has to change!  This film and this organization - with help of people just like you and me - is making a change.

Please take a moment to watch this trailer and this informational video (less than 10 minutes for both!) and then find out where you can see this film near you! It is life changing - you CAN make a difference ....we all can!! :)

On the event "red carpet" with attorney Kelly Ensslin , who has dedicated countless hours to this cause (what an incredible and inspirational woman!) & Executive Producer, Craig Juntunen.

 (I am crazy bright in this pic - mu husband says I make pictures "hot"...I thought he was being sweet and then I realized that it is actually a photography term for when the light reflects all crazy and bright off of a person or object like this - LOL!)

I hope that you will all take a moment to explore this film and the cause behind it. Please, if your life has been touched in any way by adoption I would love to hear about it!  It is my passion and I believe my calling in life to advocate for :)


Please click here to link to my own personal adoption journey blog (tyeadoptionjourney) that I started documenting back in August 2011...many twists and turns along our way to bring our family to where we are today in this process....we are blessed and I hope that someone out there will be in reading about our journey!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tory Burch + Latisse!

Okay, so the two really have nothing to do with each other except that I thought I could fit both into one post and I really want to tell you about both right now! :)

Let's talk about the new Tory Burch Espadrille Wedges - LOVE!  I am so happy with these and if you have seen how much I wear my black peep toe espadrilles wedges then you know that I will certainly get my use out of these, too.

I am really pretty tall already (5'10") so I don't like to wear too much heel - never mind the fact that I am typically chasing after my 4 children so high heels can literally be hazardous for me! - and these wedges are the perfect leg shaping lift without too much added height.

Shop Tory Burch now for 25% everything online during the F&F event thru Monday, 29th! 

Tory Burch Filipa Espadrille Wedges (LOVE them in this color, too!)

Okay, so on to Latisse.  Have you ladies all heard of this miracle lash growing product? (You can read more about it here).  I am a natural blonde and my lashes are naturally very light and thin. The thought of a product to thicken, lengthen and darken them is very appealing to me for sure! 
A couple of years ago I tried semi-permanent lash extensions and they looked amazing, but were really difficult to keep up with and expensive even after the initial several hundred dollar investment (touch ups every 2 weeks at $25+ each visit) and eventually they began pulling my natural lashes out and I was afraid they were causing irreparable damage.  
After I had the extensions removed my natural lashes were so beat up. They were so so short and sparse - I was afraid they would never grow back, but within a couple of weeks they were back to normal - whew!
 It was before I had even tried the extensions that I had been thinking about Latisse, but just hadn't done enough research on it yet and wasn't sure about the financial commitment (although after what I had gone through with the extensions I could have easily afforded Latisse - live and learn!!)  I just wasn't sure about any potential risks, etc. Well, after months and months of research I decided I wanted to try it, but waited for a "deal" which I knew the company ran every few months. This week I was at my medi-spa for a facial and they were running a promotion on Latisse - I decided to go for it!

Below I have posted a pic of my lashes "before" (no make-up) and I will follow up every couple of weeks to show you the "after" effects. They say it takes 6 weeks to get the full effect, but that some results are seen in the first 2 weeks. I will be your guinea pig so to speak so you can see first hand if and how it works (I wish I had seen a review like this from someone I "kinda" knew from the blogging world! ;).  

It's Friday everyone!  Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neutral, neutral, neutral

For today I am focusing on my bed (finally got the right one made a delivered!) and my neutral jacket/sweater combo that I wore earlier this week. It was oh so comfy and easy to wear - especially since we still need jackets and sweaters here - ugh! It's almost May people!!!

Joe Fresh Sweater, a.n.a. Jeans, Forever 21 Moto Jacket, Stella & Dot Renegade necklace and bracelet, Roxy Ballet flats

I did a couple close up so you could try and see the detail on the the zippered sleeves, gold accents and boucle texture of the jacket.

And saving the best for last - my bed with my gorgeous husband (who I tricked into being in my picture! ;) 

Bernhardt's Sophia Crested King bed done in a neutral tufted fabric and antique brass nail head on headboard. 
I am seriously in love with this bed!  Now to get some color on the walls in my bed room and we will be all set! 

Hope everyone's week is going great so far!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Benefit "Fake-up" + Peter Thomas Roth CC cream

Benefit Fake-Up
I mentioned purchasing Benefit's Fake-Up Concealer and moisturizer in one a few posts ago and I had a couple of requests for more info or a follow-up review.  I thought that was a great idea since I really would like to let you ladies that haven't tried it yet know about it and whether or not it really does what it claims.

Well, I am here to tell you that I am in love after using it for the past week!  I have been using it in a shade lighter than I would typically buy for a concealer to highlight under my eyes, forehead, down the middle of my nose and my chin area primarily. I also dab some one the lines next to my mouth to help make them "disappear". What I can tell you is that I have plenty of "lines" in many of these areas and this concealer does not settle in those lines and pronounce them like so many others I have used. It also seems to stay put all day. This one is a winner!!

Verdict: BUY IT AND BUY IT NOW!! :)

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream
Complete with a broad spectrum SPF 30, this is the most amazing of all of the BB and CC creams I have tried by far!
I know that many use BB creams (beauty or blemish balm) and that they are happy with that amount of coverage. For those of us that have a need for a little more coverage and some corrective properties a CC cream may be your answer.  "CC" stands for "color or complexion correcting" and that is exactly what this formula does. It corrects skin's uneven color including acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and even lessening the look of fine lines and wrinkles (yes, it really does that!). PTR CC cream is a great primer and brightener too. You can learn more about it on the Peter Thomas Roth website (you can get 15%, 20% or 30% off right now and FREE shipping on orders over $50!).

Verdict: I would HIGHLY recommend buying!  At the very least stop into your nearest Sephora and get yourself a sample of the shade that matches your skin tone the best. I think after trying it for yourself you will be hooked too :)

I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Monday! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Outfits (and "new - new" bed!)

I know that many people around the country are dealing with similar weather as we are here in Cincinnati (although maybe not the abrupt changes every couple of days like we so enjoy in this city! ;)  I feel like every other post I write starts off with the "crazy weather" mentions - ugh!  Anyway, it leads me into why my outfits all contain pants, sweaters and blazers. 

Well, the chillier weather is good for one thing: running!  I have been training since January to run in my first 1/2 marathon the first weekend in May. It's Cincinnati's famous marathon "The Flying Pig". Yesterday our training group ran most of the 13.1 mile course finishing our mileage out at about 12.5. It was the longest distance I have ran to date and I was exhausted yesterday!  I did feel empowered though. I know now that if I was able to power through 12.5 then I can certainly run the 13.1 required for the half in less than a month. My pace yesterday was about a 9:15 mile - yay, me!!  LOL ;)

Okay, enough talk..... on to this weekend's outfit collection:

*Notice that the last OOTD pic has my "new" bed in the background - they made the first one without the nail head trim in the inner welt (kind of looks like colored trim in the pic, but it is antique brass nail head) and I just got the right one yesterday evening delivered!! Yay :)  

 Paige Denim cuffed jeans (current) / American Eagle peep toe wedges (old) / Forever 21 Polka Dot top (past season) / Mossimo Cardi (old)/ 
 a.n.a Jeans (old) / Loft Sweater (in stores now - Sale) / JCP Pink Blazer (current) / Rampage wedges (old) / Steve Madden bag / Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant

Loft Dolman Sleeve Sweater / Seven 7 Ankle pants / American Eagle peep toe Wedges / Liz Claiborne Blazer  in Heather Grey (LOVE the weight feel and length of this blazer!!)/ Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant / Kenneth Cole white leather band watch

Happy Sunday everyone!!  Hope you have had a fabulous weekend :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Joe Fresh {OOTD}

I had a nice day at the office today with some incredible clients - I just LOVE my days spent with clients :)  
When I walked outside to head home I was so excited at how gorgeous it was outside - 76 degrees and full sunshine.... Woohoo! The dress I wore to work was perfect to enjoy this weather so I put the windows down, opened the sunroof and thoroughly enjoyed my drive home.  

Hope you are enjoying your day just as much!

Joe Fresh dress via JCP (navy/white) / Clear Bauble Necklace via Loft / Luna Wrap Bracelet via Stell & Dot / Coach Sunnies / Kenneth Cole White Leather and Gold watch / Ralph Lauren Denim peep toe Wedges (in love!) via Tj Maxx (similar here)

One final note: I am going in to a new girl for highlights and cut tonight - she is HIGHLY recommended by several friends that go to her and happen to have great hair! My "normal" girl and I just can't seem to connect anymore. My schedule and her schedule just do not line up and after nearly a month of trying to get in to see her I think I am going to have to move on :(  
I am still so on the fence about cutting any "fringe" or not!  I have been wrestling with this for  months - literally :/
Just kind of tired of looking at my big (and now decidedly more "wrinkly") forehead all these years. May be time for a slight (ever so slight) change??  

Stay tuned......  ;)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sephora & Sally Beauty Haul + {OOTD}

Today is the 20 year anniversary of my first date with my husband!  I can't believe it has been that many years :)  On that first date we went out to dinner with another couple and to see "Forever Young" - does anyone remember that movie??  We have been inseparable ever since - original "high school sweethearts"!
As we were telling our kids this morning about the date my 9 year old said, "Wow, mom! 20 years ago was your first date? You were dating at like 10 years old then?!"  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?? And no, I wasn't 10 (but for those of you that considered that for a moment as even a possibility after seeing me on here almost daily - God bless you!!! LOL)

First I met my husband for lunch wearing this OOTD:
 Joe Fresh Mint shawl collar sleeveless blouse / Steve Madden fringe bag / American Eagle peep toe Wedges (old) / Black cardigan via Target (old!) / Seven 7 Jeans black ankle pants / Bubble Necklace via Ebay / Kenneth Cole Watch / Multi Strand bangle bracelet via boutique in La Jolla, CA 

Okay, so after meeting my husband for lunch I ran into Sephora and Sally's for some much needed items and samples.  Here is what I came home with:
 Yes, lots of samples! I am on the look fr a great BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturizer with SPF for the summer.  After researching some of the top performing brands I came up with to try were Urban Decay's Naked Skin, Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer and Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream.  My Beauty Insider gift today was a Tarte sample pack that also came with samples of their  "BB Tinted Treatment Primer".  I plan to try each of these products for a few days to a week and see which I like best before purchasing. 
Any others I should be trying? I am so open to suggestions!

 I also snagged Benefit's Fake Up for my under eye brightener  I need something that will not settle into the lines around my eyes and this product promises not too. We will see......I am optimistic! :)

Urban Decay's setting spray is my favorite and this one is a smaller travel size which will be perfect for my make-up bag.  Of course, I couldn't pass up the "clearance" bins and they had these great Sephora lip glosses there for only $5 each. I grabbed #1 - Honey Lips and #5 - Under A Spell...both great shimmery summer colors!

And my last stop was Sally's Beauty Supply.  I don't know why  I didn't get my new iron box completely in the picture - that is so strange. Oh well, the one that is literally taped up with sports tape is my old curling iron that finally breathed it's last breath I was in the middle of curling my hair to go meet my husband no less!  I have a "back-up" iron that I don't like very much in the cabinet for just such emergencies and boy was I glad that I did today!  
Sally's still had my same iron in store, but I opted for this one by ion Finishing Solutions because I was told it still has all the same features as my beloved old iron (and has the twirling end which is a MUST for me!), but is a little nicer quality.  
That poor pitiful iron that is all taped up and looks 15 years old is only about a year and a half old. I figured that it should have last much longer than that (it has been taped for almost 6 months!) so I didn't really want to purchase another one of that brand and be back in here again in a year or so. 

Well, that is all I have for today (PLENTY I would say!).
Hope you are all having a great week so far :)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Bonjour! {OOTD}

Well, since it has decided to stay on the chilly side for a few extra days this spring (boy, I am hoping that we can just stay steady in the 70's for a little while! :) I have been taking advantage of the cooler weather and wearing my favorite sweaters as you saw in my previous post.  Here is another fav.....and what do you think about this skirt from Target?!

Bonjour sweater via ASOS (sold out) / Old Navy Jean Jacket (old) / Maxi Skirt via Target (mine is "Grassy Glen" , also sold in black and coral) ONLY $24.99! / Tiffany & Co. bracelet / Steve Madden watch / Etched Charm necklace via Etsy / Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet ( I wear this ALL the time - if you are looking for a versatile bracelet look no further - seriously!!)

For reference on the skirt: I am 5'10"...I wore flats underneath because I wanted the look of the skirt touching the ground. I like that you can play with where the waistband lands, though. You could easily wear it a bit higher if you are any shorter or just don't want it on the ground. 

Today will call for much lighter clothes as we will actually be back in the mid 70's - yay!  Hope you all have some sunshine and warmer weather to start your week, too :)


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Green Anorak + Coral + Leopard + Neon (whew!)

Well, we are back to cool temps in Cincinnati  - gone are the beautiful warm 70's and 80's (sigh) at least for a few days.....50's with quite a breeze over the last few days so it is really pretty chilly.  It has made it necessary to layer and wear jackets and sweaters.  Oh well, at least I get to use my sweaters a little more before packing them away for the summer, right?!  Always looking on the bright side....... ;)

 Forever 21 Neon Yellow Sweater (similar here)/ Old Navy Sweetheart Jean Capris / Rampage wedges / Steve Madden bag / Kenneth Cole Watch / Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant

Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Ankle jeans / Mossimo Coral Sweater / Mossimo Polka Dot blouse / a.n.a. Anorak jacket / Steve Madden bag / Necklace (a gift from my mom) / Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet / Rampage wedges (old)/ Kenneth Cole watch

F21 Leopard sweater / Old Navy Sweetheart Capri / Roxy flats / Steve Madden bag / Rebel Pendant / Kenneth Cole watch / Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet

How has the weather been where you are? Warmer temps or are you still in sweater weather?

Hope your weekends' are fantastic!! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mentions of Sunshine

So I have to start by saying that I do not know why I have been wearing so much yellow lately and why, oh why, do I seem to like it so?!  Seriously, I have never really been "into" yellow. So then why I have been buying it, wearing it and accessorizing with it I do not know. Perhaps it is subliminal. Maybe I am so over the dreary winter weather following us into spring and I am just trying to infuse some sunshine?  Anyone else doing this, too or am I all alone in this new crush??

Whatever the reasons or however on my own with this one that I am that is what this post is dedicated "mentions of sunshine". Enjoy! :)

TJ Maxx haul the other day...woohoo was I happy with this one. The perfect length and size Hudson Whitcomb bootcut Jeans, a great pair of Paige roll cuff skinny jeans (Seen worn in photo below) and this beautiful sunshine yellow top!

 Max Azria top / Paige jeans / Mossimo flats (old)

So this is really what started it.....the Francesco Biasia bag that I picked up in La Jolla, CA. I was so surprised with myself then that I chose it, but I did.  That seemed to get the "yellow ball" rolling!

The bag....again!  
Old Navy Perfect T / A.N.A. skinnies (old) / American Eagle wedges (old)

Joe Fresh dress (also in pink multi) / Gianni Bini Blazer / Banana Republic pumps 

Just wearing this very comfortable, very light weight and super light and bright dress can put you in a warm weather mood (plus I got lots of compliments all day long on it which is never a bad thing - LOL!).  
I bought this Gianni Bini jacket (and skirt although I have not worn them together :) after seeing in in a runway show and falling in love with it. The fit is beautiful and the fabric is so soft. It is incredibly beautifully made with fantastic details. If you are looking for a bright, fun and GREAT blazer I would recommend this one without hesitation! 

I don't know if they are sold out in stores yet, but I snagged this one in JCP. Can I tell you how happy I am that JCP is carrying Joe Fresh and that I just got another 20% discount card in the mail?!  I feel a shopping trip coming on :)

Happy Thursday everyone!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Skin Care Routine (Night time)

I had shared my morning skin routine with you a couple of weeks ago here. Today I am going to share with you my night time skin routine.  

 Wholesome Organic Sugar / Clarisonic Mia / Philosophy Purity face wash / Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel / Mario Badescu Drying Lotion / Jose Maran argan oil  / Jan Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator

I wash my face every single night before bed (EVERY night) and I always use my Clarisonic Mia. After wetting my face and the Mia I use the Philosophy Purity wash. After washing I put some Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner on a cotton ball and use it all over my face. This stuff is so cheap, can be found at most drug stores and it all natural. It rivals any "fancy" toner product on the market and really works. Non-drying, non-irritating.

After thoroughly cleansing I put several drop of Josie Maran argan oil on my finger tips and massage it all over my face and neck (whatever is left on your hands I always massage into my cuticles and around my nails!).  It feels amazing and you wake up with your skin feeling so hydrated and healthy. I can't imagine a better moisturizing product for overnight. 

Once or twice a week I will exfoliate my face and lips (yes, lips! It will smooth them like nothing else :) with the sugar and a little water (this is my favorite brand).  I do this right after I wash my face and before using the witch hazel. Just apply a little water to your face and hands and then gently rub about a tablespoon of sugar gently over your face and lips for at least one minute. The sugar will begin to dissolve. You can rinse with luke warm water afterwards. 
In addition I will use the Jan Marini Instant Refining Exfoliator (see pic below) once a week. I do really like this product, but I like exfoliating with the organic sugar just as well - maybe better.  Jan Marini is not cheap (about $90 for this container) so I don't think I will buy it again.....just not enough "bang for my buck".  It is probably the best performing exfoliator I have found on the market though and I have used a few. It you currently don't exfoliate then I would recommend starting with the organic sugar - I want to stress to use the organic. You do not need to be rubbing bleached sugar with chemicals all over your face - yuk! It you don't like that then you could always try out a product like Jan Marini. It is definitely more refined and maybe easy for some people to use (less abrasive than sugar crystals).  

The one product I forgot to picture with my other items was my eye make-up remover (see stock photo below). I have tried so many eye makeup removers from every drug store brand to high end department store brands.  The best one (especially for the money!) to me is the Maybelline Expert Eyes (for waterproof eye makeup).  I apply it to a cotton ball and then hold it on my closed eye lid for a few seconds before wiping the makeup away. This helps to keep you from needing to rub the eyelid too much which stretches out that delicate skin and can pull your eyelashes out. It is also so moisturizing which can be hard to get used to at first (can feel "greasy"), but it is so good for that skin around the delicate eye area. 

I do go for a micro-dermabrasion facial each quarter (4x per year) and more often if I can.  My skin feels incredible afterwards.  I have tried dozens of different facials and this is the one that I go back to and use consistently. It is by far the best treatment for my skin.
I also use a Retin A product every other night on my skin before I put on the argan oil.  This helps me tremendously with the brown spots/hyper-pigmentation.  

So there you have it!  I think that is about all the info I can give you about my skin care routine (between this post and my morning routine here). I hope that maybe there is something that you learned and thought might help you with your current routine. 
I would also love to hear about yours....I am always open to knowing what other ladies do for great skin and willing to try something that may work better for me than my current routine :)

Hope your week is great so far....Happy Tuesday!!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Okay, so who really knows me certainly knows that I love pink (Hey, Rachel Zoe - I am that girl who loves pink! I am sure you are reading this blog, btw - LOL ;)

I love all shades of pink, but lately I am really loving the bolder brighter ones like the jacket pictured in this OOTD.

 Jacket via JCP (current) / Ankle Pants by Seven7 via TJ Maxx (current) / Lace tank by Eyeshadow via TJ Maxx (old) / American Eagle Peep Toe Wedges (old) / Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant, Renegade Necklace and Luna Wrap Bracelet / Kenneth Cole White Leather and goldtone watch / T+J Designs Pave gold tone bracelet / Scarf via Target (current) / Studded black leather bad via TJ Maxx (past season)

Question is do you like to wear pink??? Too much "girlie" for you??  I would love to hear your take! 

Well, I am off in the morning for a girl's trip!  So excited. 9 of us are headed to Lousiville, KY for the Women of Joy conference. I have wanted to attend this for years and this is my year!  Hoping my husband will be okay with all 4 kids for the entire weekend.  I know he can handle it - I just hope they take it easy on him :)
I will miss you all, but will be sure to catch back up on Monday!

Have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Army + Florals {OOTD}

Surprise surprise we were back to cold temps today in Cincy - at least the sun was shining! I will take it :)  I have to dress warmer than the April date indicates I should have to, but I am trying to be a little more "spring-y" than the temps are feeling.  Today I brought out this very versatile (and warm) army green anorak but had to go floral underneath for the "spring appeal".

I hope you are experiencing better temps than we are here. I have to say that I do not like the "hot" temps of summer and I am kinda dreading those, but  I could really use some 60's and 70's here - please!!!! 

On another note: why do I look so angry in these pics?  I really wasn't I promise - haha!!! 

I.N.C. Skinny Jeans via Macy's / A.N.A. Anorak jacket via JCP (current) / A.N.A. Floral Blouse (old) / Nine West Cross body bag / Rampage wedges (old) / Stella & Dot Renegade necklace and bracelet / Stella  & Dot gold Soiree studs / Fossil Braided Leather watch / Sunnies via Loft / Essie Smokin' Hot

And bed comes tomorrow!!!  I am SO excited!!! Been waiting 8 weeks for this baby to be built and it is done. I will post pics as soon as I can get them  :)


Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Fever {White Jeans/Pastels}

I can't believe that it was literally snowing this morning - ugh! Come on it is April 1st!! 
Red's opening day in Cincinnati and it's SNOWING!!  Luckily, as I type this, the sun has decided to show up, the snow has stopped and it is looking decidedly "spring like"outside...maybe doesn't feel like spring, but we will take what we can get. Maybe this was nature's way of saying "April Fools"? :)

So onto my outfit post for today....I am really obsessed with pulling out all my pastels (and buying new ones) and nothing goes better with my pastels than white!  Early?  Maybe. Do I care?  Nope. LOL

Nasty Gal Lavendar Trench (sold out)/  Banana Republic nude pumps (seriously could live in these! sold out) / Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans / Pastel Tunic via TJ Maxx (in stores now) / Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant / Stella & Dot Soiree Studs (in gold) /  Stella & Dot Luna Wrap Bracelet (pictured below) / Essie Turquoise and Caicos nail polish via Target

Are you all loving the pastel trends this Spring?  Anyone else digging out their white pants, dresses, skirts? I would LOVE to know that I a not alone :)

 Come on warm weather....we are waiting!!!