Friday, November 2, 2012

Casual chilly day...

The sun is shining and it is a beautiful Autumn day, but it is still pretty chilly. High today of about 53 degrees.  I have lots of errands to run today with my 8 month old in tow so I chose easy and comfortable today with layers. :)

Easy layers make this outfit perfect for today's weather.  I tend to start off cold and get hot easily as I run around carrying my little girl so I always like to be able to peel off layers in a store and still like what I am wearing.  

Shirt: Max Sutdio (purchase at TJ Maxx) - very dark navy (kind of looks black) long sleeve tunic tee (sleeves can also be buttoned up for a 3/4 sleeve that stays put - love!)...purchased a few months ago
Leggings: Hue (purchased at Macy's)....old
Scarf: Eyeful (purchased at TJ Maxx)...just purchased Monday in store 
Vest: 3 Hearts (purchased at Marshall's)...purchased a few months ago in store 
Riding boots: Zara (LOVE!) and you can get those here.

Now, when I do peel off the vest I still have an outfit that I think looks great. It is still stylish, fun and slimming without the added warmth that I am getting from the vest.

Here is a close up of the scarf which I really like. It is lightweight, but long and looks heavy which I love. It has a super cute little flower detail (pictured here) that was hidden in previous photos. You can draw attention to it or not. Beautiful smoky blue colors and the leopard are a win win for me.  I love to wear blue (I am blonde with blue eyes so it's a great color for me!) and of course who doesn't love a little leopard to spice up any outfit?!

This is a close up of my earrings with the outfit. I purchased these several years ago from New York and Co. One of my all time favs actually :) The stone is so unique and a beautiful blend of blues, greys and purple.

My go to wrist wear is my MK watch (5165 Quartz Silver Dial with Stainless Steel watch)....really love this watch - the size, the style, the function, the fit, etc. You can find one like this here and here.

Okay, well I am off to get some things done today.  Thanks for checking out today's blog :)

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