Thursday, November 1, 2012

You got to start somewhere!

Today seemed like as good a day as any to start my blog!  I know it seems like everyone is a "fashionista" or a style expert these day. Well, I am probably neither really, but I am a girl who really likes all things related to beauty and fashion. 

I am a mom to 4 beautiful children ages 11 years to 8 months, but I still love to try and pull together a great outfit for every day.  I almost never leave the house without make-up (unless I am going on a run!) and love to accessorize and always have to have my hair done. Shallow? Maybe to some, but I prefer to think that I really just enjoy pretty things as most girls do and I try to look my best.  I also have a husband of 16 years that adores me and I love to look my best for him.  Kids have left their mark on my body shape (so worth it!) and so has age. Although I want to be fashionable and express my personal style both leave me wanting to  remain in line with the fact that I am no longer in my twenties, super thin and perky! ;)

I am not trying to be a trendsetter with this blog, but I just wanted a place to show other girls/women how I pull things together in hopes that I might be of help to someone out there the way I look to other blogs to help me come up with inspiration for hair, makeup and clothing.  We are all in this together so I figure we should share! :)  I mix designer fashion with vintage, second hand and great finds from big box stores like Target. While I understand the need to invest in staple pieces I also know that the latest trend can be fleeting and usually pick up those things from a discount source saving the "investments" for a great pair of designer jeans that fit perfect, a timeless handbag or a pair of classic riding boots. I LOVE a good deal and rarely pay "full price" for anything. I tend to wait for a sale, special or something going on clearance. When I know about something like that I will be sure to alert my "followers" so you can grab it up, too!

My hope is that I can help other women just like me to feel good about themselves and feel confident that they have an idea of how to pull something together (easily!) that will make them feel pretty, sexy and trendy regardless of their age, size or how much they have in the bank to spend on a wardrobe. 

Many of the pictures I put up will not be professional or even taken by someone else (although I do intend to utilize my husband for picture taking when available).....many will simply be taken with my iPhone in a mirror.  I will take pictures and angles that I think someone would want to see, as well as, glimpses of jewelry and hair style that I think you might want to know about. If at all possible I will tell you where you can get anything I am wearing. 

While fun and exciting for me this blog was not something easy for me to decide to do. I try to be confident (my husband tells me all the time that I should be more confident), but it is not natural for me. The simple fact that I am putting my self on display to do a blog like this is terrifying to me in so many ways, but I also think it will help me get over my insecurities. I certainly do live by the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" mentality. The only true form of failure is failure to try, right?!

Please feel free to comment or offer suggestions - I welcome them. I look forward to posting as often as possible, although I have to admit that I am a bit busy with 5 other people to take care of (I include my husband in there :). 

Enjoy this first day of November and I hope that you come back to visit often!

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