Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting style!

Hi everyone! I hope that you are all going to (or already have:) vote today! 

I had a doctor's appt, followed by a trip out to the barn to see my horse (I have included her picture below!), grocery shopping and to the polls to vote. What an array of activities today.  It is a beautiful day - typical mid 50's temps here.  I wanted easy (don't I always) style that would take me to the barn and beyond today.

Vest: Three Hearts purchased at Mashall's this season
Jeans: a.n.a. purchased at JC Penney last year (similar here)
Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater: Forever 21 (here - offered in other colors -green color sold out)
Scarf: Fossil purchased at Macy's
Boots: Madden Girl purchased last year online (similar here and here)

 Here is the outfit without the vest so you can see the shape and color of the cardigan. It is super soft and comfortable. I really love to wear green and you just don't see this color offered alot. So glad I grabbed this sweater while they still had them!


I decided to throw in a hair shot today since it is freshly washed! I typically wash my hair every 3 days to try and keep down on the damage that I do to it blow drying, styling, etc. I use a dry shampoo on days 2 and 3 that works wonders! 
I have been wearing it curled alot lately (this was done with a 1" barrel curling iron) although I also wear it flat ironed, my natural beachy waves (more in the summer since the humidity helps out with that) and pulled back and/or up.
I also threw a close up of the scarf in here. Another one of my favorite pieces - I love the bead detail at the ends!

Here is a close-up of my favorite bracelet. I purchased this from a shop that sold handmade goods in South Carolina about 6 years ago.  It is such beautiful colors and goes so beautifully with just about everything. Every time I wear it I am guaranteed a compliment or two from admiring ladies :)

On my left arm today I am wearing:
Leather braided Fossil watch (you can purchase here) and a bracelet that my girlfriend made for me a couple of months ago when my father passed away. It is such a precious piece to me and always helps me to feel loved by just looking at it!  I took several views of it since it depends on which side it is laying on as to what you actually see.

And finally, here is the pic of my girl from the barn today. She is a dirty mess, but still gorgeous to me!  She is my 6 year old Draft cross mare, Dolly. I have had Dolly since she was a yearling. She is trained for mounted patrol and search and rescue and is also "trick trained" for fun :)  She will smile, nod "yes" and "no", bow, lay down and "play dead".  She is a pretty amazing girl - I love her!  
I hope that you all have an incredible day! I am going to be planted in front of the election results most of the night I fear. Hope I can get up in the morning - I do have to go in to the office!


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