Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Seeing Double - Posh'mina

If you have seen me out and about or have followed this blog for any length of time then you know that I love my Posh'mina scarves.  Since Saturday I have already rocked the "Sorbet" scarf twice...the week is young :)

It is just such a fun pop of color especially with black and/or white and jeans which just happens to be what I wore it with both times even though both outfits are very different. What do you think?

 This look was for a date night with my hubby on Saturday. We just went to a nice quiet dinner and then to Whole Foods to stock up for our week of juicing, etc.(how romantic, right?)!  It was actually a perfect evening and we both had way too much fun in the grocery store on a Saturday night than should ever be "normal" - LOL. 
 Above: Hudson Jeans / Eyeshadow Lace Tank (old) / Cami via Target (old) / Steve Madden Cage Sandals (old) / Posh'Mina Scarf in "Sorbet" / Steve Madden Leather Motorcycle Jacket (old)

And yesterday I had several places to be and decided this would be easy and fun :)

Above: Calvin Kline striped dress via Marshall's (old) / Old Navy Jean Jacket (old) / Tory Burch sandals (can't see them in this pic really) / Posh'Mina Scarf in "Sorbet"

Looks like we may have a little bit warmer week than what our Spring has been so far and I am really looking forward to it - even if there is a chance for rain nearly every day after tomorrow! 

Oh and one more thing.....we are MOVING!!  We just completed inspections on our new home and close next month! We moved into our current place 3 years ago and have just outgrown it (we added another baby since then and are waiting to be matched with our daughter from China so we are busting at the seams now!). 
We are actually pretty sad to leave it, but we know the new place will be a great home for us. It is even in our same neighborhood (we really really love where we live - ha!) so we won't have to get used to new surroundings at least. It is just 2 streets over and is actually a friend's home who is moving out f town. Crazy the way things work out sometimes. 
I wonder how many times we will drive "home" to the wrong house once we move down the road?! 


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Juice Fast & Stripes!

Hi all!  I feel like it has been forever since I have been on here - it has actually been a full week. This time last week I was getting prepared to run my first half marathon (which I did on Sunday, May 5th!). It has been a very busy week since then.  

My husband and I decided to do a juice fast/cleanse over the last 5 days (ended today!) and if you have never done that let me tell you that it kicked my butt. I was clearly addicted to caffeine and sugar!  My crash around day 2 was pretty hard. It was rather hard to be a mom of 4 and not feel like getting out of bed - I mean like head pounding feeling sick not wanting to get out of bed! Anyway, I knew that if I made it past that I would start to feel better and I did. By day 4 and 5 I really wasn't even that worried about eating anything other than the juice I freshly pressed each morning.  I even made dinner for my children every night and did just fine not being able to eat the solid food.  I did seriously miss chewing though!

We did it after re-watching Food Inc., Hungry for Change, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives. If you have not seen any of these incredible documentaries I highly suggest that you take a moment to watch them - with you kids if you have any.  Warning: you will be outraged and disgusted by how we get most of the animal products and even produce in this country :(  And it will make you want better for yourself and your family! We originally watched Food Inc. and Forks over Knives about a year and a half ago and even my kids don't want to eat fast food - ever!  I can't even tell you the last time we ate at a fast food burger joint. 
The good news is that there are things we can do to change how we eat even though we are bombarded with all of this type of food every day.  Even though I eat very little meat and have really focused my diet mostly on a whole food plant based diet there is much much room for improvement (I always need my morning caffeine to get started and I have a crazy sweet tooth!!). My husband and I have re-committed to not continuing to include those things in our daily diet and after our cleanse we feel prepared to take better care of our health and what we put into our bodies. Most importantly setting a good example for our children to follow!

Anyway, I have added a few outfits of the day below that I had kept up with this week - I never realized how many stripes I tend to wear - LOL!  So without further delay:

NY&Co. Pink Cardigan / WHBM Perfect Form Crop pants / Steve Madden bag (old)/ American Eagle peep toe wedges (old) / Lela Rose top via Nordstrom for Target / Pearl Necklace via Boutique

 Banana Republic Chevron ponte dress / Asos Wedge Sandals (sold out)/ Mossimo Cardigan (old) / Beaded necklace from Boutique 

 Old Navy Denim crops / Zara striped top / Kenneth Cole sandals via TJ Maxx / Kenneth Cole watch / Steve Madden bag
 (Also with Stella & Dot renegade necklace)

 Old Navy Maxi Skirt (old) / Old Navy Perfect Crew Neck striped tee / Old Navy Jean Jacket (old) / Bubble Necklace via Ebay / Kenneth Cole watch / Kenneth Cole sandals 

It's good to be back and I hope that you all have had an incredible week!  I am feeling great and look forward updating you all on my race in the next post (just waiting on a couple of race photos :)
Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there!  Enjoy your day with your family!! 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Flying Pig + Latisse UPDATE

Well, I picked up my marathon registration goodies from the Expo this morning so I am ready for tomorrow morning!  Race starts at 6:30am so I leaving the house at 5:15am.....yikes!  I think I need to go to bed NOW (it's 5pm here )....Okay well maybe I will wait until I eat my pasta dinner :)

  Items from my goodie bag and including my bib number & starting info (Corral "B") - they call the corrals for this race "pig pens" LOL :)
 "The Hero Lies in ALL of Us"!
 So I couldn't resist picking up a couple of extra shirts at the expo (the one provided is on the left)!

 I will be sure to post my race day pics as soon as I get them.  Very excited to see how I finish!

I also wanted to take a minute to update you on my experience with Latisse this first week. I took these pics on Wednesday which was 1 week from when I started using the product.  I have to tell you that the results are amazing already in the first week!  I have definitely seen thicker, darker and longer lashes already. 

Here was day one (my natural lashes before starting Latisse) below:

 And here (below) they are after only 1 week - you can see a difference in the length already!  

And below you can see what they look like now with mascara....I can't believe this is only 1 week. I didn't expect results so quickly, but I am super pleased so far. I have not had any ill side effects thus far.  I have noticed though that you really want to wait until you are going to sleep to do the application.  Perhaps it is because the solution transfers from the top lashes to the bottom and naturally some does get in the eye making it feel "tired" to me - kind of that feeling when your eyes are just really tired and you feel like you just want to close them, you know? It is 100% safe for the eyes as that is what it was originally designed for and it doesn't hurt or sting or anything but it is a bit annoying to me to feel that transfer over an hour or two before going to bed. I would just prefer not to have that feeling.

I would just suggest waiting until you are ready to close them for the night. Maybe it wouldn't bother anyone else (I can't even wear contacts because they bother my eyes so much), but that would be my suggestion.

 (Left eye above)

(Right eye above)

That is all for now!  I will check back in a few days with a race day update and hopefully some new OOTD pics....have a great weekend everyone!!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

New York & Company + OOTD

What a gorgeous week in Cincinnati!!  Unfortunately they are calling for rain this weekend - just in time for my half marathon :(

Oh well, in the meantime all this sunshine has got me wanting to shop for spring/summer clothes :)
I had my sports massage appointment Tuesday and had a few minutes to kill before hand and the spa just happens to be in the same outdoor mall as Loft, Black House White Market and New York & Co.....what to do?!

I had not been in NY&Co for a long time and decided I needed to check it out - does anyone else remember when this was Lerner's New York??  I used to be n there all the time as a teenager/college student! 
I found some really cute clothes and did come away with a few. I wanted to show you some of the ones I tried on (and many were purchases!) in case you may want to go check them out for yourself!

 I tried these shorts on with 2 different green tops (love green!). This one is a more casual cotton and the other is a rayon blend button down with a gathered hem (see below).  
I don't love my legs - especially in shorts, but these were too cute to pass up.  I am working on the legs so I will like them better, but I do know that they are very strong and will carry me over that finish line in the race this weekend (focus on the positive!! ;)

 I didn't end up with this dress, but I really though it was so cute. It also came in a couple of other fun spring colors (coral and yellow I think).  I tried on this white blazer, as well, that I really did NOT like - very boxy and way too big even in a small - just not a good cut I think. 

Loved these fun cotton capris. They also came in a ton of different colors and patterns - these are a khaki pattern. This same pattern came in black, as well that was really cute. 

 Loved this cotton shift dress too. Super comfy, easy to wear and I really liked the green although I ended up with it in coral (see below). Coral just really has a way of making your skin tone look so good in the summer! :)
 See the scarf I wore to the store in the bottom corner - that will look great with this dress (note to self)!! ;)

Okay, so here is what I actually wore to the store - and all my other errands that day. It started out chilly, but quickly warmed up and I was able to ditch the jacket pretty quickly. 

I.N.C. skirt via Macy's (old) / Ralph Lauren white v-neck tee (old) / Watercolor scarf via TJ Maxx / Old Navy jean jacket (old) / Tory Burch espadrille wedges /  Kenneth Cole watch / Coach sun glasses 

Are you all doing some spring/summer shopping now that the temps have begun to warm a bit?  I would love to hear where you are shopping and what great pieces you are finding! 
Have a great rest of the week :)