Sunday, December 2, 2012

A few of my *NEW* favorite things

In the holiday spirit I want to toss out a few ideas for some great  (mostly inexpensive) gifts that you could pick up for so many of the women on your holiday gift list. And they are.......

 Love this great fun bracelet from Wanderlust and Co.   Comes in a dozen different colors in either gold or silver colored metal accents.  At only $29 each this makes a great gift for so many on your list!

Benefit "that gal" primer and highlighter. I use this as a highlighter and last add on to my make-up routine. Brightens my make-up and also "seals" everything in place. Really love this product and so will all "those gals" on your list! $29

My new favorite nail polish! Okay I know I am way late to the dark nails thing, but I have never really been much for nail polish anyway. I am always either natural nails or a french. I don't typically even paint my own nails at all. Pedis and Manis are one thing I do splurge on regularly for myself (at the inexpensive small parlor on the corner up from my house :) With a new baby in my life my mani/pedi time has dwindled to nothing (its a good trade, though! ;)....enter the discovery and purchase of Essie's Bobbing for Baubles. I picked mine up at Target where I found it randomly and LOVED the color in the bottle. I have to admit when I first painted my nails with it I wasn't sure, but after a few hours I was in love! The color is great and the Essie nail polish dries so fast so even with the demands of being a mom ever present I don't have to take an hour to paint my nails and let them dry. They were dry to the touch within 5 minutes and I was strapping the baby into her car seat to head out the door 15 minutes later with no mishaps. Perfect!  Around $6.00 a bottle you can pick a few of your favorites!

Yes, I love to smell yummy, but perfume is not something I wear alot of. As you may recall I did a post in my blog about smelling "nice" (see that one here ;)  so I wanted to point out that any of those scents I would also think are great for gift giving - ESPECIALLY Candy Baby body spray from Victoria's Secret!  Since I just recently discovered this lovely Prada scent at a recent visit to Sephora I thought I should add it to my "list" so that you may know about and possibly try it out yourself.
Since this is from the Prada label it stands to reason that the cost is slightly higher than the other items on today's list.  Prada Candy is available at Sephora for a 1 oz Eau de Parfum Spray at $60.  I did take home a sample bottle that I spritzed on yesterday and today. It does have staying power and it has not given me a headache - yay!  It has a sweet yummy "candy" scent which makes it a win for me :)

I would love to know if you have any items that you think are great to hand out as gifts this season?  Please share if you do!


  1. hey hun! so thankful u stopped by my blog and now have a fantastic one of your own! u are very talented and cannot wait to see what you come up with in the future! now following :)

    Xo Meghan


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