Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where is Spring?!

Well, I know it's not this way everywhere in the country, but in Cincinnati it is still cold - not just chilly, but really cold! We even had snow flurries yesterday and today.It has made enjoying "Spring" difficult since it is still very wintry and drab and cloudy most days. I have been refusing to wear a winter coat any longer and have switched over to vests only regardless of how cold it gets.

I am posting 2 outfits on this post from this past week. One is from a casual day that I spent running errands and packing for our spring break trip (yay - warm weather in my very near future!) and the other was from a day at the office this week. 

My next post will hopefully be my Caribbean cruise vacation packing :)

(Sorry about the bathroom pics! I had clothes and suitcases draped all over my bedroom where I normally would snap this pic so I had to duck into the bathroom for them this time around! :)

 Jeans via Express / Vest (old) / Boots via Marshall's / Scarf via local boutique / Sweatshirt/sweater via Target
 Hiding under my scarf is this necklace - custom order from Etsy shop - love the anchor and it is so perfect for my upcoming cruise vacation!
 I switched over later to a different scarf for the evening. It was actually getting colder so I went for the warmer scarf :) This one is from GAP. 

 Nice and simple for the office this week: 
New York & Co. pants / Express Portofino shirt / Easy Spirit Pumps via TJ Maxx (seriously comfortable pumps worthy of work and all the time spent on my feet in them!) / Bubble necklace via boutique (old) 
*I did add a MK gold watch before I walked out the door, but otherwise kept all my other accessories very simple since I went with the bubble necklace
Have a wonderful rest of your week!


  1. Adorable outfits!! I'm so ready to dress for spring weather!

    1. Thank you....spring please get here soon! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I definitely know what you mean. I live near Toronto and we have a blizzard going on right now. It's insane!

    1. Ugh! Hope it warms up soon for you, Shannon. I love layers, but I am so ready for some sun dresses! :)

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