Monday, December 30, 2013

~ Holidays in Pictures ~

Wow, what an incredible Christmas this year was! Time with family and friends, great food (way too much food actually!) and incredible celebrations wrapped up just yesterday with the last and final Christmas celebration.  Tomorrow we start celebrating the New Year with laid back family time at our house and an annual family reunion on New Year's Day at a second cousin's home just about 20 minutes away. 

I hope that you all have had wonderful holiday celebrations of your own!  I will leave you with a few pics from some celebrating at our home.

This is a classic Jessy (me!:) laugh - and the reason I know I need to replace all my mercury with white fillings :)

My precious 22 month old baby girl, Gabrielle....I could kiss her all day long!

  With my gorgeous husband on Christmas Eve (the first family/friends Christmas gathering at our home this year).  

My Christmas eve attire: Michael Kors red rhinestone embelished sweater / Gold sparkle scarf via TJ Maxx / Gap Long and Lean 1969 Flare Jeans (not pictured)/ Invicta square Angel diamond stainless steel chronograph watch (Buy it here now at 86% off!!)

Gabby with her sweet little Ballerina outfit on (a gift from Grandma Jeannie - my mother-in-law :)

Our breakfast room window seat with holly berry wreath - love watching the first snow fall from this spot!

 Front porch and walk as the first snow of the Christmas season began to fall.

 Our hearth room decorated for Christmas :)

 My "Jesus is the Gift" lantern - I got the idea from posts I saw on Pinterest. Used what I already had on hand to come up with my own holiday version. 

Working on my "canvas wall" going up the stairwell. I took these pics with my phone in low lighting so they aren't great, but I will update when I have more of the canvas prints hung and can take the shots with my SLR camera. I wanted to include the railing in the Christmas post - wrapped in greenery, holly, lights and ribbon :)
 Our mischievous Elf on a Shelf, Snow Flake, found his way all around the new house this year. He liked the window seat spot, as well ;)

My "O Holy Night" burlap canvas - LOVE this. I think I just may have to leave it up year round. Perfect match to my decor and the message is wonderful of course! 

 My little girl enjoying her first snow fall!

Christmas present to myself - I updated my bedding with a set I had been watching for months. I figured since I still wanted it after so long and now could get 20% off I should just go for it. So glad that I it :) (Find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond)



  1. gorgeous pics, Jessy! Your house is so cozy and festive.
    Happy 2014, my friend
    XO, Gina

  2. Thank you, Gina! I have been so out of the loop lately and only able to post every couple of months. I do like to catch up with every one when I can. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it :)
    XO Jessy


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