Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures

What a lovely weekend this has been!  We had my son's baseball game, time at the pool, riding bikes as a family, fishing, church, time with family and friends and my husband and I even managed to sneak in a movie and dinner out :)

I decided just to do a weekend review in pictures as I so enjoy seeing so many of you posting this way.  It's such a nice way to see what everyone else is doing and getting great ideas for what I might want to do (or wear or eat or try ;) possibly the next week!

Friday night we had my son's baseball game (he's 6) - it was a gorgeous night with temps in the 70's and no humidity so it made for a super nice evening of watching (and playing) ball :)

Saturday morning we hit the local Farmer's Market and then my husband took the 3 boys fishing while Gabrielle napped. After her nap we took a quick bike ride and then headed to the pool for some water fun and sun. Gabby LOVES the pool - and it shows!

My middle son, Max, and my baby girl - could she smile any bigger?  Seriously this is one happy baby!!  
Mas is so sweet and is almost always at Gabby's side...he is truly crazy about her!

 I just love this picture of her.....with pool time over she is in her little terry cloth robe ready to head home (even though she kept trying to get back in the pool). 

 Took a few pics after church today......Max and Gabby again in this one - not sure why my oldest hides from the camera (he is 11 and that is the age where boys generally do not want to be photographed I would say - unless he is in his football uniform - LOL! :)
 My husband saw this shirt when we were out shopping and he asked me if he could get it.  I thought it was awesome and I love that he would want to wear it so of course I said. "yes"!  My son snapped this pic of us this morning and I couldn't resist posting it.....I am so in love with this incredible man!  
 Okay, so here is the outfit: 
Calvin Kline maxi-dress (seen here previous post) / Express Denim Vest / Tory Burch Leopard print sandals / Francesco Biasia Bag / Michael Kors sunnies / Kenneth Cole white leather banded watch

  I can't get enough of my incredible baby girl (who is wearing Calvin Kline also ;)  She is almost 16 months old and is just a doll baby!

I hope everyone had wonderful weekends with there families and/or loved ones.  What a blessing a beautiful weekend can be to our souls :)



  1. Your husband's shirt! That is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Proud moment for our Savior for sure:)
    I love your maxi dress too. Great pictures, Jessy.
    XO, Gina

  2. Great pics! Love your maxi dress.
    Following you :)


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