Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Latisse Review: "The Results"

Okay, it has officially been 6 weeks since I started using Latisse.  This is the week that they say you will see "results". Well, I saw results in the first week, but I have to say that what I see now is crazy growth!  My lashes are darker, thicker and WAY longer than they were before I started using this product and I have seen no ill side effects at all. As a matter of fact this product has been so easy to use it's crazy that it works so well. 

Here are some pics to show you the transformation of my lashes over the last few weeks:

Week 1 (no makeup)

Week 2 (no makeup)

Week 3 (with mascara)

Week 4 (no makeup)

Week 6 (with mascara)

Honestly, they are almost too much (okay not really! ;)  As you can kind of see in the above pic my outer lashes tend to get "intertwined" if I don't separate them well before applying mascara ;) In the pics above this is only one coat of mascara.  When I really "doll them up" they are ridiculous and really make my eyes look amazing!

All in all I am very happy with the results and am curious if there will be an end to how long or thick they grow. They do feel so feminine and beautiful with such gorgeous lashes. Much better than the semi-permanent extensions I have had in the past (Derek said they looked like I had glued spiders to my eyelids when I had those - I don't think they looked anything like that, but he definitely likes the results of a more "natural" looking lash with Latisse ;). 
They are much darker and thicker so even if I don't apply mascara they still look nice. Unlike before because my natural lashes are very blonde - especially at the tips - so you almost can't even see them. 

I know that once you stop using the Latisse they say that your lashes will return to "normal". I am only about half way through my first package and already purchased a second so I will be using this for the rest of the summer at least. I will stop back by with an update in a month or so. As of now I am using it now just every other night for maintenance.  The updated pics even from just this week they are way longer than in these shots....I don't need them any longer (never thought I would think or say that about my own lashes!).

And just for is an outfit post:

NY & Co. Patterned Shorts / NY & Co. Tank / Tory Burch Espadrille Wedges (sold out) / Old Navy Cardigan (old) / Francesco Biasia Bag / Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant / Bracelet from Boutique in La Jolla

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  



  1. eyelashes look great girls! love your shorts :) have a great day

  2. Your lashes look so fab! If you want to continue using Latisse, sells it at a reduced price and has a lot of sales and promotions month to month. Just a tip for you and other Latisse lovers! :)


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