Friday, June 21, 2013

Date Night

There were two "date nights" this past weekend so I figured I would just through both outfits on in one post! I tend to gravitate to dresses in the summer and these two dates were no different. One was for an outdoor party that called for "Outdoor Chic" - fun :)  The other was for a dinner party at a friends house that was to also be and indoor outdoor party. For that one I choose a 3/4 sleeve dress since it was a little chiller that evening. 

One final thought; What is it about me and the black and white? I never thought of myself of needing more color in my wardrobe, but I really do wear A LOT of b&w!

 (I realize now that I snapped these shots before I put any of my jewelry on - ugh! Oh well, rest assured it was perfect - LOL!!! :)

Banana Republic Dress (sold out) / Tommy Hilfiger Wedges via TJ Maxx / DKNY leather clutch/bag

Scarlet dress  (purchased in So Cal years ago) / Slide Sandals via TJ Maxx / DKNY clutch/bag / Michael Kors watch / Boutique necklace
SO now we are off - to the lake for the weekend!  Friends of ours own a home on Lake Norris in Tennessee (about 4 hour drive for us) and have invited us to join them again for a long weekend. This time we are being joined by another family that are mutual friends so it should be so much fun!. Between the 3 couples we have 10 boys (aaaahhhhh!!). We decide not to bring our daughter, Gabrielle, who is just now 16 months. She is just into everything and it really worries me to have her at the lake and on a boat, etc.  Not to mention we would not be able to sit for 5 minutes all weekend! She will be staying here with her nanny where she will be much safer and I am sure happier. I know I am going to miss her like crazy, but it will be best for everyone.
 As soon as we arrive back into town we have the closing on our new home!  Literally we will drive in from the lake on Monday evening and straight to the bank to sign the papers.....Talk about a celebration. It is just beyond exciting!!
On Tuesday our contractor starts the demo and construction work to be done there. We will not be officially moving in until our movers come on July 1st.  I will be sure to take lots of pics of the before and afters so I can share them with you all. We aren't doing anything too major, but it will be fun to see the changes anyway :)
Hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Both of those dresses are adorable!

  2. have a fabulous time on vaca!! Both date night looks are gorgeous. You look amazing in everything, Jessy!

    XO, Gina

  3. miss you Jessy! I hope you are ok...thinking of you and keeping you in prayers throughout your move.

  4. Love those dresses! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! See the link below :)



  5. Can't go wrong with b&w. Beautiful dresses...loving the first one especially.


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