Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Posh'mina "Muse" and magazine shoot!

So yesterday I had my appointment with the magazine's photographer in order to shoot the kids and me for the small piece they that they will run in next month's Cincy Magazine. It was surreal. I have never had a photo shoot for a magazine or any publication and maybe it is not really a big deal at all, but to me it is HUGE! I am NOT a model (not that any of you were wondering) and I have never been asked to be in a magazine before so it definitely made me nervous.  They wanted it to be a "personal environment" shot so it was to take place at my house.  That was not so much an issue, but when the photographer got here he wanted to take the photos in the one room that I allow to stay messy pretty much of the time - our office!  We have three desks in there and run two businesses from that space. This includes my personal computer space, my kids homework desk and our other family computer- yikes!! The photographer assured me that the photo will turn out great for print, but I was still in quite the panic that it was that room he chose to photograph in. 
We also decided to have all four of my children in the photo with me so that complicated the shoot a little - do you ever get children to all look at the camera and smile at the same time?  I don't think we did ;)
All in all though it really went great and I am super excited to see the article when it comes out in next month's issue!  I will be sure to share the story with you once it is in print.

Here is a "sneak peek" my husband took from the entry way of the office (you can see where I stashed everything I wanted off my desk - look at that shelf in the background!! LOL ;)
**My oldest son was just out of camera view here & notice that my daughter is eating my iPhone?!**

Okay so on to the best part of this post....My newest Posh'mina scarf!  A few months ago I learned about these great scarves through another blogger's post and just loved the look so much I bought the Sorbet slotted scarf. You can see it in my blog post here.

I now have a new one that I love and is just in time for St. Patty's day with it's rich an gorgeous teal paisley print. I have paired with blue and green and it is gorgeous with both bringing out hues in the scarf you may have never noticed before....I love that in any piece. I also think this is a really rich and timeless look that I will be able to use for many many years to come. 
Interesting fact: They call this scarf the "Muse" which also just happens to be my maiden name :) 

I have a few pics below for you to be able to check it out for yourself, but look for my St. Patrick's day post tomorrow for it styled with a beautiful J. Crew skirt :)

I know that I really wasn't nearly as creative in styling this as I could have been, but I hope to show you better and more interesting ways to wear this in the future. It is actually a "slotted" scarf so it can be worn draped beautifully with your arms through it in so many ways!  Check out their website for more great looks than you see here. I would LOVE to see other bloggers who have a Posh'mina and how you may have styled it.....any out there? Please post a link if you do!

Purchase your own here: The Posh'mina, Muse

I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend and don't forget to wear your green tomorrow! ;)


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