Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finally....Some Dimension!

Hue Leggings / Steve Madden bag / Faux Fur Collar Cardigan via TJ Maxx / Necklace via Stella & Dot / Mia Boots / Tart Wool Coat via Rue La La

It has been WAY too long since I had my highlights touched up....seriously!  If you hadn't noticed from my posts over at least the last month, my hair has been getting more and more dull by the day.  I actually had it taken down a few notches on the lightness factor last time I was in for highlights (in October!) for two reasons. One; just because I typically do for the winter and Two; because every year that I get older my natural color (and roots!) get darker - aahhh, the joys of being blonde!
Oh well, these OOTD pics are BEFORE the highlights and I have posted a couple pics of the "new hair", albeit bad quality, pics below

Anyway, I decided to step up the low lights a bit and instead of playing with strawberry tones I went for more carmel/dark blonde with a mix of my typical golden strands. I also had a bit of the length taken off - not a lot, but hopefully enough to clean up those split ends for a while. 
I asked her to keep the mix very very subtle and a "hint" of an ombre by leaving only my lighter color on the ends, as well. I want to be able to go longer between coloring to save time and money (I was in the chair for 3.5hrs today for highlights and I always get charged for an extra color bowl....that's typical for me - ugh!). I wanted very subtle because I feel like my mid-thirties might not be the time to be playing with chunky highlights and such like I used to.  I am trying to play it more low key and "natural" looking.

So what you see in this post is the finished product. I am pretty happy with it overall.  I am always my biggest critic, but I guess that we all are? I kind of miss my lighter blonde locks, but I guess I have been easing into this "darker for me" 'do and I am finally starting to feel like it's me. 


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