Saturday, May 11, 2013

Juice Fast & Stripes!

Hi all!  I feel like it has been forever since I have been on here - it has actually been a full week. This time last week I was getting prepared to run my first half marathon (which I did on Sunday, May 5th!). It has been a very busy week since then.  

My husband and I decided to do a juice fast/cleanse over the last 5 days (ended today!) and if you have never done that let me tell you that it kicked my butt. I was clearly addicted to caffeine and sugar!  My crash around day 2 was pretty hard. It was rather hard to be a mom of 4 and not feel like getting out of bed - I mean like head pounding feeling sick not wanting to get out of bed! Anyway, I knew that if I made it past that I would start to feel better and I did. By day 4 and 5 I really wasn't even that worried about eating anything other than the juice I freshly pressed each morning.  I even made dinner for my children every night and did just fine not being able to eat the solid food.  I did seriously miss chewing though!

We did it after re-watching Food Inc., Hungry for Change, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives. If you have not seen any of these incredible documentaries I highly suggest that you take a moment to watch them - with you kids if you have any.  Warning: you will be outraged and disgusted by how we get most of the animal products and even produce in this country :(  And it will make you want better for yourself and your family! We originally watched Food Inc. and Forks over Knives about a year and a half ago and even my kids don't want to eat fast food - ever!  I can't even tell you the last time we ate at a fast food burger joint. 
The good news is that there are things we can do to change how we eat even though we are bombarded with all of this type of food every day.  Even though I eat very little meat and have really focused my diet mostly on a whole food plant based diet there is much much room for improvement (I always need my morning caffeine to get started and I have a crazy sweet tooth!!). My husband and I have re-committed to not continuing to include those things in our daily diet and after our cleanse we feel prepared to take better care of our health and what we put into our bodies. Most importantly setting a good example for our children to follow!

Anyway, I have added a few outfits of the day below that I had kept up with this week - I never realized how many stripes I tend to wear - LOL!  So without further delay:

NY&Co. Pink Cardigan / WHBM Perfect Form Crop pants / Steve Madden bag (old)/ American Eagle peep toe wedges (old) / Lela Rose top via Nordstrom for Target / Pearl Necklace via Boutique

 Banana Republic Chevron ponte dress / Asos Wedge Sandals (sold out)/ Mossimo Cardigan (old) / Beaded necklace from Boutique 

 Old Navy Denim crops / Zara striped top / Kenneth Cole sandals via TJ Maxx / Kenneth Cole watch / Steve Madden bag
 (Also with Stella & Dot renegade necklace)

 Old Navy Maxi Skirt (old) / Old Navy Perfect Crew Neck striped tee / Old Navy Jean Jacket (old) / Bubble Necklace via Ebay / Kenneth Cole watch / Kenneth Cole sandals 

It's good to be back and I hope that you all have had an incredible week!  I am feeling great and look forward updating you all on my race in the next post (just waiting on a couple of race photos :)
Also, Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there!  Enjoy your day with your family!! 



  1. Jessy, I just love your easy style! I'm a new follower and it's fun to see all your new outfit posts. As for your juice fast, I couldn't do it. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been. Oy! I've seen Food Inc. as well as Supersize Me and both were disturbing. Fast food scares me.
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find out more here:

    Please feel NO pressure to do this. I just want you to know that I'm supporting and promoting your wonderful blog.

    Brooke @ Pokiedot

    1. Thanks, Brooke! The fast was difficult, but it was worth it. I feel really good and I definitely feel more in control of what I am eating. I hope that lasts! On my way to check out your blog now :)

  2. You must feel so incredible! Juicing makes me feel so alive and healthy. I just love it. It sounds like we eat very much the same. My diet is whole and plant based too. I still eat wild caught fish once a week, but no other meat. I can't seem to give up cheese, coffee or red wine.
    Have you read Crazy Sexy Diet by Chris Karr? If not, I recommend it highly. I think you would love it.
    I love that Zara blouse. I found one similar by Calvin Klein at T.J. Maxx Saturday and almost bought it. Now I'm kicking myself for not. Poo!
    XO, Gina

    1. I do feel incredible! So good in fact that I plan to juice cleanse at least 1 or 2 days a week going forward ;) The best part is that my kids are totally into it, too. Not juice cleansing, but making and drinking their own fresh juice - I love it!! It really "reset" my cravings and I have had so much more energy than ever with NO caffeine at all. Giving up dairy was easy for me....I really only ever want milk with a cookie - LOL! I agree with the red wine, though. I see no reason to give that up. I only drink it a couple a times a week with dinner anyway.
      I will check out that book - thanks for the recommendation, Gina!


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