Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The NEW kitchen - remodel on a budget!!

Okay, many of you may have seen my previous 2 posts about my new home and the work we have done on it since moving in to make "our own".  You can see them here and here in case you missed it.

We have remodeled and/or updated pretty much every room on the main level (I have still yet to show you the powder room, dining room and mudroom/family center :). It only took us about a month - thank, God because living here through construction with 4 children was not fun - and I am so happy with they way everything turned out!

So without any further delay let me show you a peek at my new kitchen:

Now let me know you the "BEFORE" picture of a similar angle:

Now let me show and tell you what we did to change the look!  
We started by removing all the upper cabinets off the walls and taking the soffits out (these are the drywall "ledge" above the old cabinets that typically house plumbing and electrical lines). 

Here is what it looked like after we removed those:
This picture was taken on day one - it all came apart quickly. We had not yet moved in, but were scheduled to move in this same week!
About a week later this was the scene. They had tucked all the electrical lines, plumbing lines and duct work as close to the floor joists as they could. We were planning to raise the cabinets about 3 inches more off the counters and top them with crown molding to hide the lines all running above. The upper cabinets and all the doors and drawers were off getting professionally painted. My husband , some friends and I took on the task of painting all the lower level cabinet boxes to save money. Man was that a job!!

You can also see here (especially if you compare it to the pic above) where we had them add a framed wall to the backside of the peninsula cabinets. This will be where the granite bar top sits a couple of weeks later - not quite ready for that at this point!

Here is day one of re-installing our cabinets. These are the same cabinets that were in before but they have been painted Sherwin Williams Muslin (this is the same color we used for the trim throughout the house). 
 Another project associated with the kitchen was this doorway. I wish I had a before shot of it, but I can't find one! :(  Anyway, it was a very narrow doorway with two little mini bi-fold doors attached. since you see this opening right when you walk in the front door and into the entry foyer I really wanted this to look nicer and have a better flow. Our reno team enlarged the doorway (to what you see here) making it taller and wider and then added a soft arch to the top to mimic the arch in the glass on my front door. It was a small quick project but made such a difference!

 And below are the finished pics:

From the kitchen looking into the entry.....
 And from the entry looking toward the kitchen......

Okay, so back to the kitchen its self:  Here is the first shot of the cabinets fully installed. Now waiting on the crown to come in!

 Couple of things to note: 

  • We had a dead space above the wall oven cabinet so we added a custom wine bottle holder there. 
  • Cabinet hardware was being changed out - notice the cabinets on the bottom and to the right have already been fitted with the new hardware. I went with the oil rubbed bronze through the house. 
  • The tumbled marble tile back splash was still in tact, but this would be replaced in the next week. 
  • Granite bar top was not yet installed as I was still looking for the perfect granite! 
Speaking of granite - below you can see the granite I finally decided on. I had taken my current counter top granite (we did not replace that and left it in tact from the old kitchen) "cutting board" and used it to see how the granites would look together in my kitchen.

This is the piece that I ended up purchasing - it was a remnant at a granite yard (yay - saved money!!). I wanted something that would contrast the existing granite, but also tie in and compliment nicely. This granite with the greys, black and chocolate in it was perfect. And it is SO sparkly!  It's like have a jewelry box on the bar :)
Above: Installation of the granite bar top!  I was so exciting when this came in and I could see it all together :)

Above: granite and glass tiles being installed. Wires coming out from under the cabinets will soon be supply electric to our under cabinet lighting!

And here are the finished pics - please let me know what you think and if you have any questions about any of the materials used please let me know. I am very cost conscience and would consider myself a "bargain shopper" - this project was no different. I went for quality, but found ways to do it on a budget for sure!

 And here is an old shot followed by the new version from pretty much the same angle:

 Love is a verb!  I love this :)

So to wrap it up and give you a bit of a list of what and where here you go:
  • Glass tile and granite tile backsplash - Lowe's Epoch Spectrum Desert Gold Mixed wall tile
  • "Cozumel" granite bar top via Alma Granite 
  • Most decor and window seat pillows via TJ Maxx and Home Goods
  • Cynthia Rowley upholstered bar stools with nail head trim  - TJ Maxx 
  • Pendant Lights - recycled from original kitchen...just relocated to over the new bar.
  • Appliances were in place with the exception of the fridge which was moved from our previous home.
  • Cabinet hardware via Lowe's
  • Wall color: Behr "Milk Chocolate" and Trim/Cabinet color Sherwin Williams "Muslin"

I hope you enjoyed the pics of my new/recycled kitchen! :)  
I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions! 



  1. Wow, your kitchen looks incredible! Do you watch Jeff Lewis on the Bravo network? I feel like your kitchen is something he would love! Looks gorgeous Jessy. Very clean and elegant.

    1. Thank you, Noelle :) I don't watch him, but I know who he is....maybe I should start watching. ;) thanks for the sweet compliments!

  2. Oh my gosh your new kitchen is so beautiful!! Love all of your choices.
    Those stools are amazing. Great job!


    1. Thanks, Pia! I found those stools on a trip into TJ Maxx just we closed on the house. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted in there and these fit just perfectly :) At only $129 each they were a steal!! These would have been hundreds anywhere else - LOVE TJ Maxx :)

  3. THIS IS UNREAL. i love it so much.

  4. Gorgeous remodel! Two thumbs up! Enjoy it. :-)

  5. Whoa! This looks incredible, Jessy. I absolutely love it! I love every detail including your little flying piglet in the corner:)
    That is such a fabulous and unique back splash too. It all works so well together.
    XO, Gina

    1. Thanks, Gina :) I have a thing for the fyling pigs - weird huh? I bought this one for myself because this was the year I did the half in the "Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon". He is actually for the garden, but I like him too much to leave him out to get dirty - LOL ;)

  6. Wow that kitchen is like night and day! Well done...and kudos on the TJMaxx/Homegoods finds!!

    xoLiz /

  7. Your new kitchen looks absolutely amazing. I LOVE a white kitchen. Great job!

  8. Great looking kitchen! I've been browsing the internet for inspiration and ideas to start my own kitchen remodel. I already have my table picked out and I plan to go look at double oven ranges tomorrow. What is the most durable and cost-effective counter top material, in your opinion?

    1. I love granite hands down....nothing but durable. My second choice would be marble although I have not had it in a kitchen yet and can't speak to it's durability compared. Quartz can be another great option for durability and while I have never personally had quartz counter tops I have had plenty of friends and family with them and still would say I much prefer granite. Have fun! Kitchen remodels are alot of work, but so worth the results :)

  9. What color "white" (and brand) did you paint your cabinets?

  10. Hi,
    What did you do with the cabinets under the old bar?? From what I see the cabinets seem to be the same on the other side.

  11. Can you post the cabinet color and brand of the paint please?

  12. Where did you purchase the shades above the window seat?

  13. Wow, your kitchen looks great! And I'm impressed you did such an ambitious home improvement project yourself while living in a home with so many kids underfoot too. Looks really good as a remodel and definitely adds warmth and value to your home. The kitchen is such an important room of the house, and yours now looks great.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement


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